Michelle Soifer attacks the jury of The perfect duo

Michelle Soifer did not hide her discomfort after the unfavorable score she received from the jury of The artist of the year: the perfect duo on stage with his partner Kevin Blow. "I am very hurt, someone is happy to join, but these things make you want to stop because you do not seem to know what you are looking for." It is assumed that every pair must excel in song and dance and yet many have not danced, but Kevin and I criticize that way, although I think we were the only ones dancing, "he said.

"It seems to me that what the jury is looking for should separate us from each other, otherwise I do not understand, the next time I will drop a cock and I hope they give me the score of 10 because we dance and singing in this presentation have done they place us only 7, that does not seem to me ", said the singer who made it clear that she is not upset Santi Lesmes that is the jury. "It's not about him, it's according to the criteria of the whole jury, it seems illogical and it's not right, they want to take us from sweet potatoes, but they were wrong".

Michelle He hinted that he would not go back to reality. "I swear I want to leave, because I can stay in my house better, I want to tell Gisela that I love her very much, but I do not share her with her jury, and it's not just that they will change, because we knew this would happen, but because we had made a good presentation while others were expressing their cocks and getting a higher score, someone told me that virtuosos are many, but creative, few and Kevin and I am creative. "

To continue in reality, Soifer will have to make a double on the podium in the next gala Rossana Fernández Maldonado the one called by lottery, while Kevin Blow does it with Daniela Darcourt. "I came here to have fun, at the next gala I will give the best of me on stage," said Blow.

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