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With more than 90,000 views, this video viral from YouTube showing that the reunification of a dog with its owner is the most moving social networks. It is the story of Bubbles & # 39 ;, a dog that was lost for 12 days. The reaction of the owner to see it again was really surprising.

"Okay, everybody knows that Bubbers got lost a week and a half ago … Well, we found it! There are the posters we beat from all sides, now we go home to surprise father and the whole family," listen to the woman in the video being broadcast YouTube and what has been done viral.

In the images that have become viral and they were distributed through the platform YouTube the owner is considering taking her dog into her vehicle after she was lost for 12 days. The idea was to surprise her husband and children after she had seen her dog roam the streets.

According to the images viral from YouTube, the owner of the dog anxiously waited for the arrival of his pet at the door of his house after they found him lost after 12 days. "Open the door! Bubbles! What have you done? I love you so much, my friend, you foolish dog!", He says to his owner, bursting into tears.

After the emotional reunion, the man cuddles his pet for a few seconds and takes him home to reunite him with his younger children. In the video that has become viral by means of YouTube, you also see a little girl meeting with the dog that was lost about a week and a half.

"Awww, glad they found it"; "Wow, I can feel the emotion in this video"; "Usually the dogs get excited when they return home, but here is the opposite"; "The video made me cry"; "Bubbgers, you have a large family that cares for you", were some of the comments in the viral from YouTube.

Despite the fact that the video was published in 2015, it has recently become viral again by users of the platform of YouTube. the viral It was shared by the user identified as "Anabel_V" and has more than 90,000 views. He also has more than 1,000 responses and has responded more than 200 times.

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