2018 Elections Business people ask honesty for candidates in Arequipa

The Arequipa Chamber of Commerce and Factories (CCIA), in coordination with the annual conference on the Arequipa-CARA region, presented the document "Arequipa proposes 2018 for" to the candidates for the regional government and the provincial municipality of Arequipa.

The report contains two main parts, the situational diagnosis of the topics covered, including the current strengths and weaknesses of the regional government and the provincial municipality, as well as the opportunities and risks that the environment offers; and the second part are the action lines and medium and long term solutions.

At the ceremony last Friday, 11 candidates came to the region and 13 to the provincial municipality. Among the absentees were candidates Alfredo Zegarra, Javier Ísmodes and Marco Falconí.

The chairman of the CCIA, Aldo Aranzaens, asked the candidates to conduct a clear fight against corruption and not to make populist proposals.

"We deserve a ruler to adjust, capable, honest, modest who has the opportunity to dialogue, here the dialogue has been lost, everyone is walking next to him, "he said.

He also did not ask them to make populist proposals. "We ask them to be honest, serious about their approach, it is the only way out of this stagnation and delay," he said.


These are some of the proposals that emerge in the document

– Regional health management must be a decentralized body, not a line, of the regional government, which has administrative, economic and budgetary autonomy.
– Conduct comprehensive assessments that enable comparisons of progress in population health indicators and quality of services.

– Improving the information system of educational services (learning indicators, infrastructure, learning performance and others adapted to the reality of the region).
– Strengthen technical frameworks and operational capacity.
– Implement profitable improvements, incentives and prizes based on merit and the different working conditions.

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