2018 Elections: the justifications of three candidates who have not reported their assets politics

A total of 257 candidates of Arequipa and Islay, who postulate the regional government and the municipalities, play their last letters to prevent them from being excluded from the election battle.

The special election jury (JEE) Arequipa-Islay opened the process of ex-officio exclusion, after the national management of the election processes of the JNE discovered that they failed to explain in your resumes all information about your possessions (houses, cars, etc.).

some candidates they accept that they have forgotten data, but that they did not act in bad faith. Even someone blames his representatives.

The regional candidate of Todos por el Perú, Justo Mayta Livisi, blamed the party official. Mayta has sent only one of its four properties that occur in Sunarp. It does not exclude a typing error.

"We presented our card to the game, we told them to solve the problem, how are they going to ignore so often?" He asked.

According to Mayta, he has nothing to hide, all his possessions are inside sunarp. "The crime would be if I had not declared it in public archives." He indicated that the mistake was repeated with other candidates on his list.

Another candidate in the chapel, Antonio Gamero Márquez, by Juntos por el Desarrollo, also opposed the declaration of a van that appears in his name in Sunarp.

the candidate he justifies his omission because he sold the property, but the new owner did not change the registration. Indicates that you will submit the transfer document as a download. He does not trust, however, that the JEE accept his statement and he is afraid to be excluded from the election process.

Meanwhile, Gustavo Rondón the Fuerza Arequipeña argues that his case must be a mistake in passing information between the JNE and Sunarp. In his case he stated on the CV a property that does not appear in Sunarp's name.

Other regional applicants threatened with exclusion are Alfredo Zegarra (Arequipa Renace), Leonel Cabrera (Alliance for Progress), Roberto Abarca (PPC), Javier Cáceres (Always United), Freddy Lozano (Avancemos) and Elmer Cáceres (United for the Great). modify). They are also aspiring councilors, mayors, aldermen, etc.

Take other explanations

the JEE also analyzes exclusions for academic information in the resume. For example, the candidate for advice to Todos por el Perú, Manuela Núñez Montero, can be excluded because her declared studies are not recognized by Santa María Catholic University.

On Friday 7 July the deadline for the Special Jury to resolve the exclusions and against the candidates.

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