2018 Santa Rosa Holiday: 7 places to travel with little money society

Thousands of Peruvians will enjoy the long weekend from August 30 to September 2 and these days will be the perfect opportunity to leave Lima and spend a good time with their loved ones. According to the figures estimated by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, about 900 thousand people will be mobilized in the country for the holidays of Santa Rosa de Lima.

For this reason, it is necessary to know which destinations you can visit in these four days and especially they are within easy reach. Read more about the offers and various packages on the tourist market in this note.

1. Antioquia

Colorful and brightly colored town, it is one of the most interesting and interesting destinations in the capital. The decorations on the doors, streets, walls and other floral and animal motifs make for a special and unforgettable experience. Quinces and apples can be found in the valley.

Among the places to visit are the Archaeological Center of Huaycan from Cieneguilla, the city of San José de Nieve Nieve or the Kochahuayco. The budget per person for a full day is s /. 49. If you are interested in this proposal, you can click HERE.

2. Huanano waterfalls

Located in the Surco district, it is a perfect place to practice draw and recognize different types of trees and flowers. Their caves were among the first settlers of the Rímac River Valleyso it is also an opportunity to learn history.

To access the waterfalls, it is necessary to take a walk of about 40 minutes and the water drop is almost 60 meters high. Go to HERE for more information about this attractive full day adventure with costs of s / 59.

3. Huacachina

The natural beauty of enjoying the oasis in the middle of Ica desert It is always tempting for those who are looking for another alternative. the sandboarding, the tubular carts and the excellent pisco of the region are ideal options for a short weekend trip.

If you want to know more about this tourist offer with a tour of the city of s /. 39, you can enter HERE.

YOU CAN SEE 900 thousand Peruvians will travel through a long holiday from Santa Rosa de Lima

4. Castillo de Chancay

The south of Huacho It is one of the ideal destinations to visit a representative place in Lima. The castle infrastructure of nearly 15 thousand square meters seduces everyone who wants to know more about the past and the mystique of the place.

If you want to know more about Doña Consuelo Amat y León, descendant of Viceroy Amat y Juniet, this is an alternative for you and your wallet, since you can only reach this destination with s /. 49. For more information, enter HERE.

5. Lachay

Escaping from Lima is more than an option. A fairly nearby place, but few visited, are the hills of Lachay, where the countryside and nature do their thing ..

If this proposal attracts your attention, you can open it from s /. 69. For more information, you can enter HERE.

6. Songos

These natural slides, thanks to erosion and the rich geography close by Chosica, is located at kilometer 63 of the Central Highway. The environment is full of green, something that is always pleasing to the eye.

The water coming from the Linday creek makes the attraction much more refreshing and adventurous. You can visit this place with a full day of s /. 59 and for more information, enter HERE.

7. Churín

This holiday can be a good excuse to enjoy the medicinal baths of Churín.

The offer of a tour of these places in this city consists of s /. 85.90 as a full day. If you liked this proposal, do not hesitate to click HERE.

Do not forget to enjoy this holiday by choosing one of these destinations by conmeración to Santa Rosa de Lima and take advantage of the offers. Do not forget that offers and discount coupons are available on their website.

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