2018 vacations in Peru: which non-working days remain in the year? Trade Peru

If you are handling a trip for the rest of the year, there are still seven holidays and non-working days for this year 2018.

this one holidays They include All Saints and Christmas. In the case of employees in the public sector, they will also have other 2 non-working days compensable.

These days are Friday 31 August 2018 and Friday 2 November 2018, according to Supreme Decree No. 021-2017-TR, published on December 26, 2017.

The remaining hours to work in the non-working days established institutions are compensated in the following week, or on the occasion set by the owner of each public body, according to their own needs.

The private sector work centers may use the provisions of the legal provision, subject to an agreement between the employer and his employees, which will determine the way in which the recovery of the hours left will work. In the absence of agreement, the employer decides.

They are exempt from it non-working days stated in the current supreme decree that indispensable tasks, in all types of enterprises, the paralysis of which jeopardizes the persons, the safety or the preservation of the goods or impedes the immediate resumption of the normal activity of the enterprise.

Meet in our gallery the holidays What is left 2018.

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