37% of police stations do not have a register of victims with protective measures

The protection measures in favor of victims of violence can save their lives. But despite the fact that it is important, 37% of the police stations do not have a kind of register of people who have this measure in their jurisdiction.

This was announced in the National Oversight Report of the Ombudsman's Office to the Basic and Specialized Family Commissioners that was presented yesterday.

Another alarming fact is that 33% of basic police stations, as well as 20% of specialized family committees, exceed the 24-hour deadline for sending reports to family courts, thus affecting the right of victims to access to justice.

The lack of knowledge of police protocols of attention to the public was also reflected in the evaluation of the Ombudsman's office.

We therefore believe that 76% of staff working in basic police stations are not aware of the attention they have to give to citizens when they come to lodge a complaint. The figure rises to 82% in family police stations.

"We have found that this protocol is very general, so we are promoting a specific manual to provide high-quality attention at the police stations," said Deputy Minister of Public Safety Nancy Ponce Chauca.

This announcement was greeted by the Ombudsman, Walter Gutiérrez. The authority, however, urgently asked the responsible sector to develop a special protocol for family police stations.

"The change of protocol means a step forward, but at least it is a disturbing finding when it comes to defending the family, children and women," he said.

the key

  • The Ombudsman pointed out that the police will constantly be evaluated. "Because it is a decentralized unit, it can generate a lot of information to fight crime and violence."

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