"& # 39; Gringasho & # 39; would cause a massacre to unleash in Trujillo," said the police. Trade Peru The freedom

Thirty – six hours after he was captured, police said Monday that Alexander Manuel Pérez Gutiérrez, better known as & Gringasho & # 39;, would release a "massacre" in the district of El Porvenir, province Trujillo (The freedom).

& Gringasho & # 39; According to the police, he planned to kill four subjects of a rival criminal organization, at a party that would be held on the night he was arrested (Saturday 8). To commit the multiple homicide, the alleged leader of Los Malditos de Río Seco & # 39; use the submachine gun and the ammunition that the PNP grabbed.

"The attack would be carried out by him and five other subjects, possibly some of Lima who had come Trujillo with him, "said PNP Colonel Walter Palomino Simón, head of the Criminal Investigation and Support for Justice Division (Divicaj).

The police chief added that the motive was the war for the usurpation of land released in the El Porvenir district, one of the criminal organizations operating in Trujillo.

– Leakage risk

After being arrested last Saturday, & # 39;Gringasho& # 39; was transferred to the police complex of San Andrés Alcides Vigo Hurtado, the headquarters of the Divicaj, in Trujillo. Instead, he and other inmates were admitted to the dungeon.

Faced with this situation, the police doubled the security of the headquarters of the police outside, because according to the intelligence service the criminal was planning to flee, just as he did when he was admitted to the Youth Center for Diagnosis and Rehabilitation Trujillo (before Floresta) and Maranguita (Lima) years ago.

"The associated security measures were exceeded because we also had information from intelligence personnel about a possible flight," Colonel Palomino said.

On the other hand, the lawyer of & # 39;Gringasho& # 39 ;, Walter Leiva, repeated that his sponsor is "innocent" and that tonight, after the detention period, the Third Provincial Criminal Tribunal Trujillo decide whether preventive detention or appearance for the alleged crime of illegal possession of firearms and ammunition.

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