A dead and 20 wounded after the bus tipped in Asia

August 26, 2018 4:15 PM.

A new tragedy was recorded in km. 107 of the Panamericana Sur, where an interprovincial omnibus full of passengers is toppled with the balance of a deceased and 37 wounded.

The morning of this Sunday, the unit of the Andorina company that covered the Arequipa-Lima route, was wounded in the district of Asia.

The passenger Luisa Jesus Paredes Palomino lost her life when she was caught between the twisted iron of the unit. The firefighters worked for a few minutes to save the body

Another 20 people with injuries of varying severity were transferred to Rezola's hospitals and the Mala health center.

The police have not yet determined the causes of the accident, although it is assumed that it was caused by human error.

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