A newborn baby was abandoned in a park in Paucarpata

a newborn baby found it leave at the José Carlos Mariátegui park, near a deluge of the Arequipa district of Paucarpata.

It was a neighbor of the place that the baby has found on the grass from the park and reported police from the police station Juan de Dios Colque Apaza.

The moment I was found, I was a blue cloak and that was me wrapped in a blue coat. The baby cried with hunger when he was taken to the police station, so petty officer Maryorth Arivilca breastfed him.

"Unfortunately It is outrageous to find children who are thrown out on the street by his parents, the baby is healthybut unfortunately the society does not understand the responsibility of raising and maintaining a child. Please remember the mother of the family who left him. I know it's not easy to have a baby, but that's possible, "said the policewoman who is the mother of a one-year and three-month-old child.

In turn, the head of the police station, Major PNP, Marcos Molleapaza, said that the minor will pass medical examinations before being transferred to the hostel Chaves de la Rosa.

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