Accion Popular, Apra and APP will vote for the suspension of Yesenia Ponce | Trade politics

The supporters of the Aprista party, Alliance for Progress and Popular Action have announced that they will vote in plenary this Thursday in favor of the 120-day suspension of the conference woman Yesenia Ponce (Popular Force). This measure was recommended by the ethics committee for lying on its CV and S / 10 thousand to pay for false studies certificates.

Although the report on the Ponce case was approved by the parliamentary working party on 24 July, the Board of Governors of Congress agreed last Tuesday to plan the debate and vote in plenary on Thursday after many complaints submitted the delay.

Javier Velásquez Quesquén, a deputy spokesperson for Apra, said the position of his caucus on the Ponce case is already certain and the same as that of his representative in the ethics committee: request for suspension of 120 days for the representative of Áncash.

"There is no argument Yesenia Ponce that may cast doubt on what the Ethics report indicates. His disclaimers do not convince, he has not been able to prove his studies. The vote of our bank will be before the suspension, "he said. The trade.

The APRA Chamber Member added that Ponce's case is different from that of Carlos Bruce and Maritza García, for whom the Ethics Commission also recommends a suspension of 60 days and 120 days respectively.

"The case of Bruce seems lighter, it is a negligence, an unforgivable mistake, but it can not be equated to what Yesenia PonceIt would be unfair to apply the same sanctioning regime to all three, "he said.

As for Garcia, who is credited with having included in the studies of his resumes that he reportedly has not done, Velásquez said that the university declared the grade void, but one sees that she is a person who knows law. "Let's listen to them [ a García y Bruce] and in due time we will make a decision, "he said.

César Vásquez, spokesman for the Alliance for Progress (APP), said his caucus agreed last night to support the Ethics Commission's proposal. "We are going to support the 120-day suspension that has been requested Yesenia Poncebecause she is seriously committed, "he told this newspaper.

The legislator Vásquez reported that his caucus also agreed to support the report of the committee that recommends suspending Maritza García for 120 days and Carlos Bruce for 60 days.

While Edmundo del Águila, spokesperson for Accion Popular, said his caucus also took the decision to vote for Ponce's suspension.

The legislator pointed out that in the García and Bruce cases the bank has not yet reached an agreement.

Úrsula Letona, spokesperson for Fuerza Popular, said she would vote before the suspension of her partner, but said that there is no position in this respect from her organization and that her colleagues will raise conscientious objections.

"I am a member of the Ethics Commission, so I have to support the report […] On a personal level and those of us who are members of this committee, we must support, "he told Canal N." In the cases of Ethics, it is a personal voice, it has nothing to do with party positions, "he added.

Karina Beteta, deputy spokesman for Fuerza Popular, said she could support the position that their representatives had already asked in the Ethics Commission as Letona, but stressed that there is no bancada agreement and that it is an ethical matter that voice is of conscience.

The Fuerza Popular spokesman, Hernando Cevallos, indicated that his group would meet this afternoon to agree on the position they will take in the matter of Yesenia Ponce.

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