Activate registration of photo & # 39; s and fingerprints of foreigners entering via Tumbes Trade Peru Tumbes

To strengthen immigration control on the northern border, the national superintention of migration This Thursday it activated the Photographic and Decathrographic Registration of foreign persons who enter the country every day via the Binational Border Care Center (CEBAF) of Tumbes.

In this way, indicated Migrations, the registration is made of the photograph of the face and the ten fingerprints of foreign citizens, information that is included in the Migration Control System and will be shared with the National Police of Peru.

The minister reiterated that these adopted measures "are not about persecuting someone, but about ordering from a security perspective, we are a sovereign country and we have a duty to protect the safety of Peruvians and foreigners on the national territory."

The Minister of the Interior, Mauro Medina Guimaraes, and the superintendent of migration, Eduardo Sevilla Echevarría, supervised the activation of the Photographic and Decanoctilar Register of foreign people in the 10 modules of the CEBAF, which are present 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

This information will be very useful for the National Police of Peru to fully identify foreigners who ultimately comment on illegal acts, the Interior Minister said.

"With this system, foreign citizens entering the country can be verified with their photographs and fingerprints, and have an adequate track record and identify them in every situation, such as a traffic accident," he added.

Among the 10 Cebaf modules, there are also specials for the care of children, pregnant women, seniors and people with disabilities. "With the digital impressions and photography a green, red or blue grid is formed, if it is red it is because it is demanded by Interpol worldwide, if it is blue it is because it is suspected of committing a crime, "Minister Medina said this morning.

On the border there are four checkpoints: the Cebaf, the Migration Check Post in Zarumilla, the checkpoint in Carpitas and the airport of Tumbes.

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