Admitted in Arequipa amparo against legislation prohibiting state advertising Trade politics

The Constitutional Court of the Court of Arequipa admitted that Caja Arequipa had filed an action case against the Congress of the Republic to declare the non-applicability of a law prohibiting publicity in the private media.

The constitutional judge Karina Apaza del Carpio asked Parliament to respond to this requirement within five working days.

Caja Arequipa, a private law company governed by private law, has submitted the measure because it believes that its rights, such as the freedom of entrepreneurship, have been violated by the law, promoted by the parliamentarian Mauricio Mulder (Aprista party).

According to the press release issued by the Court of Justice of Arequipa, the financial institution has indicated that the above-mentioned law limits its functions "grossly" and requires them to distribute all their advertising campaigns through public media.

The municipal box also pointed out that the rule affects the right to free trade, because "eliminating the possibility of promotion and exchange of services between creditor and debtor".

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