Amazonas: a suspect in the murder of a Jesuit priest intervened Trade Peru Amazon

Police officers of the Chiriaco police station arrested a young man identified as Osman Pitug Wajush (29), because he was one of the main suspects in the murder of Jesuit priest Carlos Riudavets Montes, who took place in his residence on Valentin Salegui on 10 August. -school. Fe y Alegría No. 55, located in the city of Yamakentsa, in the district of Chiriaco, province of Bagua (Amazonas).

Pitug Wajush intervened when he was walking along the Bagua Highway – Sarameriza, at kilometer 105. At the time of his arrest, he offered no resistance, although he was surprised. He was immediately taken to the police unit of that jurisdiction.

The Criminal Supraprovincial Chamber of Bagua had applied for his arrest because he had filed two pending requests for the crimes of aggravated murder and aggravated robbery. Osman Pitug is questioned for the murder of Carlos Riudavets Montes, parish priest.

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