Ancash: five illegal miners are sentenced to effective prison The Topos of Barranca society

To participate in the illegal mining of minerals in Huarmey, province where they were arrested in 2016, five members of the criminal gang "The moles of Barranca"They were sentenced to sentences of between 4 and 7 years' imprisonment, sanctions issued by the Supranational Criminal Court of Santa, in Ancash.

For the judges, the convicts, who were identified as Andy Lester Falero García, 30, Borrow Llashag Vega, 31, Ivan Ulises Reyes Asencios, 29, Renzo Alejandro Vásquez Ríos, 27, and Yancarlos Antoni Cruz Ayala, 28, are responsible for the crimes environmental and contamination, in the mode of illegal mining in tort of the state.

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In the case of the Falero García, the sentence is seven years and six months, while of the others the sentence is four years and six months. All away gullythey served preventive detention.

The convicts were arrested on October 6, 2016, when the police, under the operation "Illegal Mining Barbacay", warned that they were working illegally on the slopes of a hill in the smaller town of Barbacay, Huarmey province, in the region. Ancash.

After the capture the police officers found the facilities of "The moles of Barranca", rotomartillos, electric generators, polyethylene bags with gouderts, wheelbarrows, drills, palana's, machetes, helmets, cables melliszos, combos, industrial kitchens, dynamites, in nearly 800 square meters." They also discovered that they had a cyanide well.

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