Ancash: four subjects who have offended a teenager are convicted Trade Peru Ancash

The Superior Court of Santa Claus dictated between 26 and 30 years in prison for four subjects that took place in 2012 sexually raped to a teenager in the province of Pallasca, in Ancash.

Those involved were identified as César Manuel Vásquez Mauricio, 26; Justo Belduino Mauricio Pascual, 47; Baltazar Vicente Vásquez Vivar, 36 years old; and Miguel Humberto Gambini Rodríguez, 31 years old. The first was sentenced to 26 years and two months, while the rest spent 30 years behind the bars.

According to the investigations, sexual abuse was committed in 2012, during a patronal party in the Cabana district. The aggressors were neighbors of the minor and raped her repeatedly. Because of the fact the victim became pregnant.

The judges of the case took the decision after evaluating the adolescent's testimony, as well as the elements of condemnation presented by the Prosecution. The convicts must serve their sentence in the Cambio Puente prison in Chimbote.

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