Áncash: will apply for an increase in the civil recovery at César Álvarez | politics

the anti-corruption prosecutor of the judicial district of Santa (Áncash region), Richard Asmat Urcia, announced that they were the increase in civil compensation for the detained regional ex-president, César Álvarez Aguilar, who was sentenced to two years in prison without effective freedom by the misappropriation of funds at the expense of the Peruvian state.

The lawyer said that the first sentence was issued against the exorbitant; however, it was considered that 300 thousand soles of repair asked is very little, therefore your office evaluates a new amount.

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"If it is equated with the damage that the state has caused by the investigations, they are 12 million soles that was darkened. In that sense it will be attractive to ask for an increase and it will be the judge who determines our request, "he said.

In the same sense, the lawyer of the state considered that the two-year conviction by the judge of the Sixth Court of Unidentified Anti-Corruption of the Supreme Court of Santa Claus was very low, but that is what he would consider for the crime of embezzlement and upon request. from the representative of the Public Prosecution Service.

He recalled that Álvarez Aguilar announced in 2013 an "economic peninsula" of 150 million soles and blamed the central government for this situation, which he believed many works were paralyzed, but in reality the budget was influenced by the execution of works who did not even have a budgetary certification.

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