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The region Apurimac has been without electricity for two days due to the explosion of one of the equipment in the substation of Tamburco, Electro Sur Este S.A.A.

Through a statement, the company Electro Sur Este S.A. He indicated that the last Saturday, September 29, saw the interruption of the electricity supply Apurimac and in a sector of Ayacucho.

"Electro Sur Este S.A.A communicates with our customers our customers and the general population of the region Apurimac, that on Saturday, September 29, 2018 there was an interruption of the electricity supply at 3.35 pm, which affected the population of the entire region Apurimac and the province of Sucre in Ayacucho, "the statement said.

He added that the company's personnel have performed the respective duties to restore the electricity supply.

In turn, the Investigation for Energy and Mining Investments (Osinergmin) reported that it is investigating the causes of this fact, which, he said, left users without service in seven provinces in the region without service. Apurimac and Sucre, in the Ayacucho region.

The agency added that it had followed the implementation of the emergency plan of the Electro Sur Este company to achieve the replacement of the electrical service.

Also this Monday at 17.00 hours representatives of the company Electro South East S.A.A., Ombudsman and Osinergmin meet at the head office of the regional government of Apurimac to report on what has happened and to take the necessary actions to restore the electrical service.

Despair in the streets

In the absence of electricity, most public and private institutions are of Apurimac They have suspended their work. Only the National Bank of the city has worked with some normality, as well as some other institutions that have their own electric generator.

Some small businessmen announced on Monday that unscrupulous people were trying to enter their businesses early in the morning, making use of the lack of light in the city. They said the padlocks were forced to the doors.

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