Aráoz a Ricardo Belmont: xenophobia must not be used to win votes politics

The use of xenophobia against Venezuelan migrants should not serve as an instrument to try to capture the votes, said the current vice-president Mercedes Aráoz , who also criticized the candidates who spread negative messages against migration.

"We are a culture that is not only a mixture of the Andes, the Amazon and the coast, but also the contribution of African, Asian and European, which have enriched us and we can hardly accept that a candidate that as an instrument of candidacy or propaganda policy used, "he told Agencia Andina.

What was also said by the Peruvian congressman for Kambio (PpK) was with regard to the mayoral candidate of Lima, Ricardo Belmont. In this respect, Aráoz was of the opinion that Belmont's attitude is "a bad view" on the reality of migration to Peru.

The official said that Peruvians are not xenophobesbecause most people know that they come from migrantsboth nationally and internationally.

"It has to be cut with that speech because it is not part of the Peruvian culture that is appreciated in the world, precisely because of its receptiveness, warmth and generosity," he added.


Regarding the requirement of a passport Venezuelan who want the Peru, said it should be understood as a way to command the arrival of these citizens, affected by a strong political, social and economic crisis in their country.

"We will not deny access to families and especially those with greater vulnerability, such as children, the elderly, but we need to know who is here and ensure that they are covered by the law," he added.

In that regard, he stressed that the Peru takes the right actions to provide humanitarian assistance to Venezuelan citizens.

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