Aráoz on CTS law in EsSalud: Congressmen beaten in the constitution

He also said that Fujimoristas Milagros Salazar and Segundo Tapia would draft legislation for their own interests

The Vice President and Congressman of the Republic, Mercedes Aráoz, assured that many legislators were "dried up in the Constitution" when they approved the law that adjusts the payment of the Compensation for Service Time (CTS) To the workers of EsSalud of the regime 276.

With this standard, now the workers said they will receive them CTS more than 100% of your compensation.

LEE: MEF: The executive authority takes into account changes that are being changed CTS EsSalud employees

"I said in Congress, that it's our responsibility to make laws that fall within the framework of the Constitution and here, I'm going to use a little ugly word, they've been dried up in the Constitution. […] It is populist, "Aráoz said Fourth power.

"[¿Los otros congresistas sabían que era inconstitucional?] Of course, yes. We need to know in what frame we are and if a Congressman reads the Constitution, as I said, I have read Article 2, Article 79, Article 103 and everyone clearly states that it is not possible because the money of the employees who are insured are immaterial. That is very clear, no one can touch them to make changes and adjustments, "he added.

He also maintained that Congressmen from Popular Force because Milagros Salazar and Segundo Tapia are legislative in their search for their own interests, because they are a nurse and a doctor of EsSalud with license, respectively.

"It is pure populism. […] There are people interested. The congressman Milagros Salazarwho was a speaker and outraged, and also said it in the plenary, without shame, because I could be a bit embarrassed, the congressmen can not look up their own interests. She is a nurse with a license from EsSalud, so she is looking for her interest, "she said.

"Dr. Segundo Tapia, who is also a congressman, was one of the first to come out and said that this was the law that had to be done. EsSalud in Cajamarca. That is, are you legislating for your own wallet? What is that? ", Added the Peruvian legislator Por el Kambio.

LEE: Congress approved invoice that changes CTS EsSalud employees

and last but not least, Mercedes Aráoz, noted that you can not make specific laws for a particular human group. He also revealed that sugar factories and municipalities, such as La Victoria, are EsSalud's main debtors.

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