Arequipa: father of the family dies crushed in garbage press society

The tragic accident took place at the La Pascana landfill (Yura) that the immediate death of Law student, Lucio Abraham Quispe Banda. The 25-year-old father was crushed after the driver is accidentally activated the garbage press hydraulic lift of the District Municipality of Socabaya.

The accident occurred around 11:00 at the place where the waste was unloaded. It is assumed that the victim was in the room with the aim of removing the remaining waste. At that time the driver, Jose Manrique F. (53), lowered the mechanical arm crushing man.

The driver of the XH-6348 compactor I had no knowledge that his companion was inside.

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The victim who had worked for the municipality for 9 years leaves the pointed to his two younger daughters, to whom he gave livelihood. The family They ask to investigate the municipality Socabaya because the man was hired to work in green areas, but did not collect waste.

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