Arequipa: Passenger offers his help to drive the bus and causes the death of driver and assistant in the event of a collision PHOTO & # 39; S | Picture 1 of 6 | national

The good will of a passenger who took the wheel of an interprovincial bus, because the driver had severe chest pain, ended up in a tragedy to crash into the back of a truck, causing the driver and cardholder to die from that unit, in Arequipa.

The accident occurred at 7 am in the Pampa Baja sector at kilometer 881 of the Pan-American Highway South, in the province Camana, in Arequipa.

The dense fog would have caused the fatal accident, including six injured, four minors.


The passenger Galo Soto Chambe (63) drove this A1N-966 bus from Gil Muñoz, where a vehicle was stopped due to mechanical damage. The bus left the province of La Union with more than twenty passengers on their way to the city Arequipa.

Despite the heavy fog, the driver of the truck, Juan Manuel Torres Choque (54), he realized that there was a fateful unit for it, so he delayed to try to pass him.

However, Galo Soto, who was at the helm of the bus, did not have the same reaction and collided with the rear of the V1N-996 license trailer, which was attached to this V1N-896 plate wagon.

The violent impact ended the life of the bus driver, Luis Segundino Mamani Barraand his assistant Gumercindo Cruz Asencio (52).

Moreover, the passengers Hilda Asunción Palli Mayta (32), Asunta Llamoca Chacón (34), the brothers K.M.Ll. injured. (17), D.M.Ll. (3), Y.S.M.Ll. (1) and Y.A.G.M. (2 months), which were taken to the hospital of Majes, in Arequipa.

Galo Soto, who controls the unit in Camaná ( Arequipa) to replace the driver, who suffered from intense chest pain, was detained at the police station in La Pampa.

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