Arequipa: They register explosions and fall from the ashes of the Sabancaya volcano society

the Volcanological observatory of the Ingemmet (OVI) installed security camera's in the volcano Sabancaya. The massif has erupted since 2016. The cameras recorded the exact moment of the expulsion of material, after explosions in the volcano.

The staff of the Ingemmet reported that there are 7 population centers that are most affected by the emission of toxic gases.

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They are Chivay, Yanque, Coporaque, Ichupampa, Achoma, Maca and Pinchollo. Districts of the province Caylloma in the Arequipa region.

According to the communication, the ash emitted by the volcano to the northeast, east and north. It has reached a distribution radius of more than 30 kilometers.

The inhabitants were asked to use lenses and masks to protect them airways because of the intense expulsion of ash from the Sabancaya.

Together with this the request to the regional and provincial authorities on the supervision of the conditions of water, bottom and air in the area. As well as monitoring the health of people living near the massif.

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