Audio reveals that Hinostroza intervened in lawsuits that ended in favor of his sister

The chief judge has spoken with a person about the possibility to offer witnesses who testify during the trial

A new audio published by the Public Eye portal indicates that the suspended judge César Hinostroza intervention before the court that ended in favor of his brother-in-law

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The archives show that this is the coordination of witnesses so that the civil court of Lurín gave as owners of a house of beach to the sister of the official.

The value of this house is 300 thousand dollars and was transferred with 7 thousand dollars by people related to the founder of the party Chimpum Callao.

In the audio & # 39; s you hear César Hinostroza speak to a person named Susana, who claims to be the nephew of Javier Yokokura and who tells the magistrate that he already has the file number.

Hinostroza asks him to send the information through WhatsApp. The number of the file and the data it needs.

In a second audio, Hinostroza talks to Orlando Páucar and asks him about the witnesses they will present during the trial that was ultimately favorable for his relative

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