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The suspended supreme judge César Hinostroza mediated for members of the National Council of the Magistracy (CNM) to obtain the ratification of a judge of the Santa (Áncash) who was connected to the network of the former regional governor César Álvarez. The case dates from last May and was unveiled yesterday by the news program Cuarto Poder.

The beneficiary judge was Frey Tolentino Cruz. Hinostroza made telephone co-ordinations with the then CNM councilors Iván Noguera and Julio Gutiérrez, as well as with Pablo Morales, who was the advisor to the former president of the CNM Orlando Velásquez.

YOU CAN SEE Víctor Prado about judges and new audios: the best thing is that they remove themselves from the CEPJ

The suspended supreme judge made several phone calls to confirm the & # 39; s friend's & # 39; to assure Chimbote"And he did it.

Beyond dark

The name Frey Tolentino appears in a report on the network of the former regional governor of Ancash César Álvarez, drafted by the national management of the police intelligence service. He has excluded from being part of that network.

In addition, the above-mentioned magistrate was preventively suspended in April 2012 by the Office of Judicial Control, for not opening an instruction against another judge accused of sexual relations with a minor under the age of 15 who, according to the confession of the minor, I paid 150 soles.

Finally, Tolentino declared an unfounded appeal that sought the restoration of the preventive detention of the person who was later convicted of the murder of prosecutor Luis Sánchez Colona, ​​businessman Jack Castillo, which took place in 2012.

In spite of this background, Hinostroza directly appealed to the designated counselor as rapporteur for ratification, Iván Noguera, with whom he communicated on May 16 last. A day later Tolentino was ratified in his function as criminal judge of Santa Claus.

To wait long

While new audios are published that reveal the actions of Hinostroza, it continues to enjoy immunity thanks to the Congress, the only institution that can take it away, so that it is accountable to the judge.

The parliament approved a constitutional complaint against Hinostroza on 13 July, but has still not solved it. It has been 37 days!

The complaint was accepted by the Subcommittee on Constitutional allegations and then passed on to the Standing Committee, which ratified the decision, returned it to the Subcommittee and gave it a period of 15 days to conduct the investigations.

However, new complaints against the highest court have extended the case. "Each of these sets new approaches to accusation," said congressman Oracio Pacori (New Peru), appointed deputy responsible for the investigation.

The friend of Chimbote

May 14, 2018 – Suspended Chief Justice César Hinostroza accepts the order to receive Frey Tolentino in his office.

– Hinostroza: What does Pedro say? How are you?

– Pedro: Césitar, how are you? Good evening

– Hinostroza: How are you, brother? What's new?

– Pedro: Well, now, can I tell you something here?

– Hinostroza: Let's see, see …

– Pedro: Or do you call me from another phone?

– Hinostroza: At this moment I no longer have, brother, no longer generic, without names, without anything …

– Pedro: Ah, ya, ya. This … our friend here from Chimbote … from the superior … this … will give exams there. Do you remember that we talked to him?

– Hinostroza: Yes, yes, of course, of course.

Pedro: Can you receive it tomorrow?

– Hinostroza: Ya.

– Pedro: So you can talk and know him?

– Hinostroza: What time will it come?

– Pedro: Let's see, I'll call you and I'll let you know … I think …

– Hinostroza: At eleven o'clock it is a good time.

– Pedro: Eleven?

– Hinostroza: Yes.

– Pedro: Ya.

"How is our friend Tolentino?"

May 15, 2018 – Hinostroza asks Tolentino Pablo Morales, advisor to the then president of the CNM, Orlando Velásquez.

– Hinostroza: How is it … your name … yes, Tolentino … what else?

– Pablo Morales: Hello, Mom, hello, Mr. Cesitar.

– Hinostroza: (laughter) What's going on, comparito? Oh?

– Pablo Morales: I was talking to my old lady, doctor. How are you, doctor? How is it going?

– Hinostroza: (incomprehensible) because there is an appreciation, right? Of course, how are you? Are you chambing?

– Pablo Morales: Yes, here in the Council.

– Hinostroza: Ya, brother, a favor … this … How is our friend Tolentino?

– Pablo Morales: "Freycito", on my part, I already told him to talk to you so he can support them with the others.

– Hinostroza: Pebes?

– Pablo Morales: with whom? It's okay, it's okay, do not worry … you both, both … it's okay with us.

– Hinostroza: Yes, I'm going to talk on the other side, then?

"Del Santa, now?"

May 16, 2018 – Hinostroza coordinates with the ex-counselor Julio Gutiérrez

– Hinostroza: Brother, a favor, I spoke with Ivancito.

– Gutiérrez: Oh?

– Hinostroza: I have spoken to Ivan over the phone, but he is out of his house, he will be late.

– Gutiérrez: Ya.

– Hinostroza: I told him then about the theme of the Academy that the friend appeared, I do not tell you the name Do you remember?

– Gutiérrez: Yes, of course.

– Hinostroza: And he told me that & # 39; hey, if you need something, Cesitar, say Julito no more, then he will command me tomorrow & # 39 ;, he already said to me?

– Gutiérrez: Ya, brother.

– Hinostroza: Remember him then? Do you know …

– Gutiérrez: Perfect, brother, perfect.

– Hinostroza: Del Santa, now? Ya, little brother.

Code messages

May 16, 2018 – Hinostroza communicates with the then advisor of the CNM Iván Noguera.

– Hinostroza: Hello, Ivancito.

– Noguera: Oh, hello, how are you? How are you?

– Hinostroza: How are you, little brother? Sorry to call you right now, you will rest …

– Noguera: Uh … I'm shopping, tell me.

– Hinostroza: Yes, Ivancito, I did not … I wanted to see if I can visit you later or it's too late …

– Noguera: Eh, no, it's a bit late because tomorrow we have …

– Hinostroza: It's already twenty-eight, you're right, pucha, and what a bad luck, I just closed a subject, I could not go out all day, but, well, already, well …

– Noguera: Send me a message and send me a message.

– Hinostroza: Yes, a little messenger, that's already in code, you know what? Anyway, Julito, who is here at the Academy … we attended the presentation of Guido's work … eh … May I ask Julito or not? Or not …

– Noguera: Of course, yes, give Julio a job, it's good.

– Hinostroza: Ah ya, ya, then I better tell Julito, right?

– Noguera: Ya, my brother.

– Hinostroza: Ya, my little brother, thank you very much, very nice already?

– Noguera: Ya, a hug.

The & # 39; patita & # 39; has been approved

17 May 2018 – Former CNM Julio Gutiérrez confirms the ratification of the Judge Tolentino.

– Hinostroza: Julito … How are you, little brother?

– Gutiérrez: Hey brother, I called you up for … yes … Hey brother, the little one you recommended last night was already there … it was already approved …

– Hinostroza: positive, right? Ya.

– Gutiérrez: Positive, it has already been approved.

– Hinostroza: Thanks very much Julito, you have spent ah, it is fine, it is fine.

– Gutiérrez: Ya, the friend of Santa Claus, right?

– Hinostroza: Yes, yes, yes, I will call it, I did not know.

– Gutiérrez: already? All brother.

– Hinostroza: Ya. At this moment I call him, at this moment.

"Little brother, you are served"

21st of May – Declaration of Hinostroza are intercepted before they answer a call.

– Hinostroza: No, Guido was at the presentation of his book and I advised that he ratified a judge in Chimbote and he said: "Brother, you are served" and they have ratified it. Then I have faith with him, I speak so, if he tells me a pod (incomprehensible) it is already clear … and Julio is with you too.

PJ calls on the Executive Council

The Executive Council of the Judiciary will hold an emergency hearing today for the audios that La República and Ojo- have revealed, showing that the suspended chief judge César Hinostroza strived for a preference for a judge with the support of members of the aforementioned council.

In the session, the president of the judiciary, Víctor Prado, can request the resignation and / or investigate the relevant members of the executive board: Rosa Vera Meléndez, Augusto Ruidías Farfán and Héctor Lama More.

Moreover, the parties concerned could be suspended in consultation with the plenary.

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