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The former president of the court of Callao, Walter Rios, has been involved in a new audio that is his arrogant attitude towards what he & # 39; business & # 39; called reveals. In a new audio a conversation was revealed between the prisoner and his assistant Gianfranco Paredes, to whom he demanded that he & # 39; ten gringo & # 39; s & # 39; would pay after intervention in an appointment.

The "ten gringas" of which Ríos Montalvo speaks is translated into the popular language as "ten thousand dollars". Amount to be confirmed by the Public Prosecution Service by waiver of the assistant's banking secrecy, which declares in the meeting that the money will be deposited to make the corresponding payment for the favor. The audio was broadcast by Channel N.

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But not everything went as expected Walter Rios. In the audio Gianfranco hears that Paredes gives him a news that did not go well with the former president of the Court of Callao. His adviser informs him that the payment was not "ten gringo" but "ten citizens", which means "ten thousand soles in the Peruvian currency" with a good Christian. This has detonated the prison magician today.

As he is already known in the various audios, the attitude of Walter Rios is nothing to deal with and he quickly gets angry with his employee and demands that he "solve" the problem, as he is a "serious man" .

The dialogue was registered on April 30 of this year, exactly days after the appointment of superior prosecutors in Lima and province by the National Council of Magistracy. That is, the help that goes through Walter Ríos to one of the magistrates he had mentioned, it had already been completed.

Audio transcription

Walter Ríos: Hello, now.

Gianfranco Paredes: Ya, tell me.

Walter Ríos: You told me ten gringas.

Gianfranco Paredes: No, no.

Walter Ríos: No, brother. No, do not change me. You told me: "Come out and now".

Gianfranco Paredes: He told me it was a lot.

Walter Ríos: But why did you tell me: "ya"?

Gianfranco Paredes: No. I have not told him yet. I told him I was going to broadcast. Do you remember? What was …

Walter Ríos: How? How?

Gianfranco Paredes: I told him he was going to broadcast because he was very exalted.

Walter Ríos: No. Hey, you're … Hey, friend. You told me he told you, "that is going on and now".

Gianfranco Paredes: Yes, there would be one … but not that, at that point no, because they were international, at the level, so he said "please", and then we were in …

Walter Ríos: But hey, friend. I passed that on. What should I do now?

Walter Ríos: What should I do? What am I doing? Look, this is going to cause trouble, brother. You can make a thousand mistakes at work, but this is something else …

Gianfranco Paredes: Hmm … he tells me I told him that she …

Walter Ríos: When are you going to give me, brother? I can not look bad …

Gianfranco Paredes: Of course, but do not forget that I told him …

Walter Ríos: No Concrete. When are you going …?

Gianfranco Paredes: I call him right now.

Walter Ríos: Brother of my heart. Please, we are with serious people, when will you give me that?

Gianfranco Paredes: The two.

Walter Ríos: Ya, you give me two. What we left behind

Gianfranco Paredes: But they were national.

Walter Ríos: Compadre. No no. I never talked about … Hey, what do you think? Hey, the leg was dropped. You think people … Hey, they last five years.

Walter Ríos: You can not hurt me, with the people who will help me … I am a serious man.

Walter Ríos: How would you send it? Per account?

Gianfranco Paredes: Yes, then. There is no other, but …

Walter Ríos: Look, compadre. Let's not talk about it anymore. I already … Nothing more. Solve that pod on Wednesday.

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