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The imprisoned former president of the Superior Court of Justice of Callao, Walter Ríos, remains the protagonist of new audio that is being revealed. The most recent show how he dedicated the salary of some of the employees of the court he directed.

This audio was broadcast by América Noticas and they show how Walter Ríos he did mismanagement for his own interest, and used as his accomplice his ex-advisor, and also detained, Gianfranco Paredes.

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In the first telephone conversation, held on February 23, 2018, Ríos consults his previous consultant Nelson Aparicio about the payment of salaries to two advisers, and in view of the positive reaction, he tells him that he will speak with the "fat man" to tell him how the deposit will be for the next month.

Audio Transcript 01

– Walter Ríos: Let's see, let's see. In the month of February are the advisers paid or not?
– Nelson Aparicio: Do ​​you mean …?
– WR: I do not know the name. They are two advisers.
– NA: Oh, yes.
– WR: Are you sure?
– NA: Very safe.
– WR: Ya. For March, when does it pay to pay for it?
– NA: Al. The two, the seventeen and the nineteen.
– WR: Ya. Now you know which procedure will be followed, right? With the fat man
– NA: No, he did not tell me.
– WR: ask him.
– NA: I call him.
– WR: I'm going to call him to explain, right? At this moment I call it.
– NA: Al.

The second audio revealed that it is "fat" Gianfranco Paredes. Rios asks about the amount that "per box per month" would go, and that he sees how he "separates the wheat from the chaff".

Audio Transcript 02

– Walter Ríos: How much goes out of the box per month? Concrete, concrete.
– Gianfranco Paredes: Ya.
– WR: No, do not bother me. How much goes out of the box per month?
– GP: two thousand five hundred. Willing.
– WR: Yes, now. That is why it is only fifteen hundred for them.
– GP: Exactly.
– WR: So you see how you separate the wheat from the chaff. Do you want me to understand?
– WR: No, do not give details. Do not give details, brother.
– GP: Yes, ya, ya. Right.
– WR: Please. Quiet. Take it easy. Already?
– GP: Yes.
– WR: Do not call anyone and you will first explain to me how you will separate the wheat from the chaff.


Nelson Aparicio He was a counselor in the presidency of the Court of Callao, but was relieved of his function after the dissemination of a conversation by IDL-Reporters, which showed Walter Rios letting him know that he was doing the work of making a written exam in assignment. had given for the election of judges and prosecutors. Like Gianfranco Paredes, he is imprisoned because he is involved in the criminal network Los collos blancos del puerto & # 39 ;.

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