"Audios de la embagüenza" can be declared invalid: the investigation would be disintegrated if it were accepted that the public prosecutor had leaked them | Picture 1 of 3 | politics

A report by & # 39; Hildebrandt and sus # & # 39; revealed that the investigation into the & ac; audios de la embargüenza & # 39 ;, that The White Collars of the Port & # 39 ;, can be disintegrated if it is accepted that the public prosecutor, Rocío Sánchez, has leaked the recordings and has thereby breached the reservation of the case.

For the former congressman Daniel Abugattás & # 39; It would not be unreasonable to make this happen & # 39; and that if it would be concrete, it would be a masterly movement of impunity & # 39 ;.

"That is very clear: from the beginning, the people involved and their partners, those from the" Mrs K & # 39; bank, were looking for the invalidity of the audio, "he said.

He added that & # 39; the State prosecutor, Pedro Chávarry, would meet the interests of Keiko Fujimori. & # 39; "They resort to leguleyadas to stop the investigation – enough corruption, people are fed up and are certainly going to protest on the streets," he said.


Research by the Public Prosecution Service and the National Police showed that The White Collars of the Port & # 39; they are a criminal network that uses the legal system in the port at will, whereby they & # 39; customers & # 39; beneficiaries who have caught them.

The former president of the Superior Court of Callao, Walter Ríos, is accused as the leader of this organization, which would have had its origin since the suspended chief judge César Hinostroza was a magistrate in the port of Chalaco.

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