Bancada PpK confirms that Keiko Fujimori is "against people" with a position on reforms Trade politics

The titular and alternative spokespersons of the Peruvians through the Kambio (PPK) Gilbert Violeta and Jorge Meléndez, questioned the position of Keiko Fujimori, leader of Fuerza Popular, about the reforms proposed by the president Martín Vizcarra.

As reported, the former presidential candidate described as "populist" reform projects proposed by the government. Also criticized that the executive power gave priority to issues such as the re-election of congressmen and the bicamerality.

"The Lady [Keiko] Fujimori against whom he opposes is the Peruvian people, he is not against the Executive, "Gilbert Violeta said in statements to the press of Congress.

In his opinion there is a double discourse in Fuerza Popular. On the one hand, he explained, some members of Congress said that they would discuss the reforms within the times set by Vizcarra, but on the other hand, "they try to distract us by saying that there are other issues on the agenda. agenda ".

"The referendum has to be done because the Peruvian people want to hold a referendum, not because Mrs. Keiko Fujimori is against him," he said, although he later believed that the reforms "are in danger" because of the position that was declared Thursday by the former Presidential candidate of Fuerza Popular, who has a simple majority in Congress.

"It seems that Ms. Keiko Fujimori went to the top for her fall in the polls, the positive being that he revealed his total lack of will for the political and legal reforms to flourish in the country," he said via a message. on Twitter.

In this way also spoke the alternative spokesman Jorge Meléndez. "Mrs. K is planning to sabotage President Martín Vizcarra's referendum, for which there is no need to reform a corrupt legal system, on the contrary, it supports corruption." Mrs K, do not turn people back, we demand a Peru without corruption, the referendum is going, "he said.

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