Bar Association: Alberto Borea fired for "Keikovideos" politics

The lawyer Alberto Borea, who defended Pedro Pablo Kuczynski in the processes of presidential vacancy, offered his defense to the Lima Bar Association (CAL) for the "Keikovideos" case.

Next week the CAL will resolve the situation of the lawyer, who is accused of having taken part in an alleged purchase of votes prior to the debate of the presidential vacancy to Kuczynski.

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"The case of disqualification Borea will have to be seen within 10 days. The CAL has an agreement to revise similar cases and these will be resolved soon, "said Walter Ayala Gonzales, ethics director of the college.

The lawyer is faced with a trial in the CAL that will determine whether he is suspended or not of his functions as a lawyer.

As you recall, during the second vacancy process for PPK, the fujimorismo He has released a number of videos that have been recorded by Congressman Moisés Mamani.

In that material Borea was in danger, who suggested to the Fujimorista to speak with the former Minister of Transport, Bruno Giuffra after the orange congressman explained his interest in a project in the Puno region.

However, Fujimorism refused to investigate it congressman Mamani although he also offered votes from his colleagues Popular Force (FP) in exchange for work.

Mamani has been studied in the Prosecution (MP) by the way it registered to officials of the executive and congressmen of the block kenjista and officially. Moreover, because the material delivered to the prosecutor's office shows irregularities.

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