Barranca: they find a dead woman at home, she would have been the victim of feminicide chalk

Erin Madelein Delgado Valladares, a mother of two girls, was found without a life in a house on the street Víctor Raúl Haya, in gully , where she lived alone after divorcing the father of her daughters.

Criminalistic agents came to the site to collect evidence and evidence. The 31-year-old victim showed signs of being strangled and beaten, but nothing was stolen from her room.

The killer would have entered with a key. According to revealed friends of the mother to the researchers, in the last few months the victim had a relationship with a security officer of a penitentiary, which is why they do not make it possible to be involved in the murder.

With the arrival of the public prosecutor, the corpse was taken out of the house to be interned in the morgue. gully.

Forensic investigations into the body and investigation of the authorities will determine whether it is a new case of femicide.


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