Barranca: woman was murdered in suspected case of feminicide | Trade Lima law enforcement

A woman identified as Erin Madelein Delgado Valladares was found dead in a house on the street Víctor Raúl Haya, in Barranca.

The 31-year-old victim showed signs of being strangled and beaten. Criminalistic agents came to the site to collect fingerprints and evidence, reported América Noticias.

The killer would have entered with a key and stole nothing, so it is not excluded that it is a case of femicide. As the mother's friends revealed to the police, the victim had a relationship with a security guard in a prison in recent months. It is being investigated whether he was involved in the facts.

With the arrival of the public prosecutor, the corpse was taken out of the house to be interned in the morgue. gully.


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