Benicio Ríos: Case law formalizes tomorrow's request for waiver of immunity politics

The judiciary will rule tomorrow morning on the case of the Congressman of Alliance for Progress, Benicio Ríos, who has a seven-year sentence and arrest warrant for the crime of exacerbating the collusion.

Sources consulted by Perú21 They reported that the PJ came to the request for an opinion on the Ríos case today in the afternoon of the afternoon, and therefore the judiciary will send a response tomorrow.

Last Monday, the Spokesman Board agreed to request the Legal Department to send the request for waiver of Rios' immunity, so that it can be processed by the corresponding committee.

Francisco Távara, head of the parliamentary immunity committee of the Supreme Court, reminded the newspaper that they had already spoken about it on a previous occasion and that this request is not applicable because the alleged facts occurred before Ríos's parliamentary position.

A Benicio Ríos, is remembered, he was condemned because, during his administration in Urubamba, between 2007 and 2013, he made an overvalued purchase of a 10-hectare site in the Maras district.

On Monday, the legislator reappeared in the corridors of the Congress, after he had been on the run for more than three months, claiming that there would be interest in the accusation against him to politically liquidate him.

The president of the judiciary, Víctor Prado, also commented on the subject, saying that what corresponds in these cases is the execution of the sentence.

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