Benicio Ríos reappeared in Congress after he had stayed abroad Trade politics

The parliamentarian of Alliance for Progress (APP), Benicio Ríos, appeared in the corridors of the Congress of the Republic this morning after he was fleeing from justice as a result of a verdict for the crime of aggravated collusion.

During a press conference, Rios, Cusco's representative, apologized for his absence and said he was available to Parliament.

He also noted that before he spoke to the press, he met Daniel Salaverry, president of the Congress.

"I am currently out of the meeting with the president, I have come to his call to get the right," he said.

Last May, the second Correctional Court of Appeal of Cusco confirmed in the second instance the prison sentence of seven years in prison against the Congressman of APP. The decision in first instance was made in December 2017.

The punishment was for the crime of an aggravated collusion. Rios was convicted of the overvalued acquisition of 10 hectares of landfill when he was mayor of Urubamba between 2007 and 2010.

In this connection, Benicio Ríos explained this morning that there is a cassation appeal against the ruling in Lima. "There was never any overvaluation," he said.

On 13 August, the council of spokesmen agreed to suspend payment of salary and other benefits to Congressman Benicio Ríos. The parliamentarian was also given the order to return the money he had received from the underground and to close his office "until it is good," according to the president of the legislature, Daniel Salaverry.

Ríos said about this aspect that he never asked for an unlimited license, as he coordinated with his advisors and "drafted bills".

"I have not sued, therefore I want them to give me a report, the respective areas, how much they have deposited to return," he said.

Last week Congressman César Vásquez (APP) based himself on the congressional regulations to claim that the withdrawal of the parliamentary immunity of his colleague Benicio Ríos is only possible if he has a final verdict, which according to him would not be his case.

"He has a decision in second instance that forced him to appeal against an extraordinary cassation appeal, it is the Supreme Court that has to define it," he said.

"Because of this discrepancy, the Congress Regulation says it protects him and the judiciary that says otherwise, and prefers to hide because he has the doubt that he can be arrested," he added. toe.

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