Between protests and inauguration of works, Vizcarra visited the north politics

A group of residents of the district José Leonardo Ortiz (province of Chiclayo) moved to the Civic Plaza, where President Martín Vizcarra Cornejo had arrived yesterday to supervise the delivery of 10 regional authorities to the leonardina municipality. The leonardinos did not hesitate to ask the president to solve the main problems of infrastructure and the environment.

"Vizcarra, visit the Avenue Chiclayo, the Moshoqueque market and the Villa Hermosa sector", "The problem of waste and sewage is not in the Civic Plaza", "No to corruption", the citizens expressed during the delivery ceremony of machines, event that also had the presence of Governor Humberto Acuña.

YOU CAN SEE JLO: President Vizcarra supervises the delivery of compactors for public cleaning [VIDEO]

Prior to the citizen's questions, the president Martín Vizcarra has far from proposing solutions to the district crisis, the leonardinos simply asked their authorities to choose well on 7 October.

Another response was that of the President before the announcement that an Asian consortium submitted a proposal for the construction of the components of the Puerto Eten Maritime Terminal.

"There is a commitment to support the execution of important works for the region, such as the Puerto Eten terminal, which requires support from citizens and authorities to carry out this work of national impact," he said.

Earring of ears

During the ceremony, the Minister for the Environment, Fabiola Muñoz, demanded that citizens reduce the pollution in their district and eliminate the daily use of plastic for the preservation of the environment.

"You have to fight many problems in this neighborhood, but citizens can fight the rubbish problem, you have to stop being complicit and correct bad practices," he said.

Project and work

In Piura, the dignitary carried out a series of activities, including the activation of a digital signal on Peru-Piura TV, as well as the inauguration of the second IIRSA North road (Piura-Paita), which had an investment of 94.5 million soles.

Vizcarra Cornejo emphasized this effort of state television through the Ministry of Culture to come up with a signal of better quality for the Peruvian households.

"Congratulations on the effort that will not be left in these six cities, but which will reach the final corner of the country with quality television," he said, referring to the project that was also installed in Trujillo and Chiclayo.

At another time, the head of state visited the modernization works in the port of Paita, work carried out by the concession holder Terminales Portuarios Euroandinos (TPE) with an investment of more than 30 million soles, with the construction of motorways and electricity.

During the inspection, the President of the Republic and the Minister of Transport, Edmer Trujillo, were received by the representatives of the concessionaire, who expressed their confidence in the future of the port, especially for the growth potential offered by the market in the Peruvian north.

According to the concessionaire, it is the intention that Paita continues to increase productivity, which has doubled in less than ten years after the concession.

Earlier, the Education Minister, Daniel Alfaro Paredes, opened the school games held at the Miguel Jerónimo Seminario and Jaime Coliseum, where he claimed maximum punishment against the alleged acts of corruption in Piura's Ugel.

They will build PTAR and PTAP

In Sullana, President Vizcarra supervised the completion of the sanitation work "Expansion and improvement of water and sanitation services in the western sector", worth S / 55 million.

There, the president announced that the construction of the wastewater treatment plant (RWZI) and the drinking water purification plant (PTAP) will be given priority to solve the pollution that has suffered the Chira river, the main tributary of the valley, for two decades. from the Chira.

"The aforementioned works already have a budget and we are only waiting for the completion of the technical dossier, which is in charge of the municipality, and we are going to reduce the pollution," he said.

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