Board of directors withdrawn from court involved in audio politics

After more than four hours of debate, the Council of Superior Judges of the country yesterday decided not to renew the confidence of judge Augusto Ruidías Farfán, protagonist of an audio with the suspended chief judge César Hinostroza, and they withdrew him as a member of the Executive Council of the Judiciary (CEPJ).

At nine o'clock in the morning Ruidías asked the head of the Supreme Court, Víctor Prado, to cancel the meeting of the board. He argued that his mandate, as representative of the higher judges it takes two years and this period was still due in August 2019.

"The Council of Governors of the Supreme Court of Peru has neither the power nor the ability to carry out procedures for the ratification or revocation of directors, but only to elect, in case of strike or resignation or impediments, which is not the case. is " explained in his request to the person who agreed Perú21.

However, his arguments, which he also showed in the session, were not taken into account and the 19 board members lowered his finger.
In the recordings what matters Rufías Farfán, we listen to César Hinostroza and ask him to help him "Great friend" María Luisa Apaza, who wanted to draw the attention of the court of Lima.

In that audio Hinostroza also talks to the magistrate Rosa Vera, to whom she asks the same support.

Apaza is now responsible for the mega trial against Sánchez Paredes, a family of northern businessmen who are being investigated for the alleged crime of laundering possessions derived from drug trafficking.

After these dialogues were distributed, Vera resigned from the CEPJ, where she represented the judges at first instance as a confidential adviser. Yesterday he was chosen Galileo Galilei Mendoza Calderón, holder of the first preparatory dish of Huaura-Huacho, as his replacement.

Although they had a quorum, the judges did not reach an agreement to choose Ruidías' successor. It will be the complete chamber of the judiciary that will decide on the situation of the judge tomorrow.

Take into account:

  • The president of the judiciary, Víctor Prado, revealed Perú21 that they are more than 13 superiors and a judge in first instance discovers those involved in the audios that have a network that is leaning at the highest level of the judicial system.
  • Three magistrates have an open procedure with the ethics committee of the PJ: Martín Hurtado, César San Martín and Ángel Romero.
  • "The PJ is being penetrated by drug trafficking, illegal mining, logging, child pornography, trafficking, money laundering," said Prado.

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