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Security Videos & # 39; s of the BCP bank office determined that an amorous couple who worked in that establishment, the authors of the theft of half a million suns.

According to the head of the Deputy of the Dirincri, Colonel Carlos Céspedes, the employee of the office, Shirley Lorena Diaz Huerta, 26, mobilized the metal boxes with cash for ATMs, when he got a & # 39; dance & # 39; as a signal.

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The announcement was quickly recorded by Miguel Villanueva Paz, in love with Shirley Lorena and ex-vigilant of the bank agency. Then the criminals entered the company.

The robbery committed on June 23 could not be completed because the policemen arrested them when they were about to flee with the stolen money.

One of the accomplices, Isaiah Canales Chávez, he told the policemen that, "when the" jerma "dances, you're telling me nothing more" chocolate. "& # 39; Hot chocolate & # 39; and that's where we've entered She told me everything was ready to steal on Monday. & # 39;

Bankworkers, however, did not agree with the statements and indicated it Shirley Lorena He is a very excited person. "The whole time she was dancing and always very excited," said the defense.

According to the police, the woman concerned would have been convinced by her partner. Until now, however, she is still a fugitive.

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