Bus of the Metropolitan crashes into a house and leaves two wounded behind VIDEO | chalk

The driver of a bus feeder metropolitan He lost control of his vehicle and eventually ended up in a house located at the intersection of Avenida El Sol and the Panamericana Sur district. Villa El Salvador .

This accident in which two people were injured took place on the night of last Saturday. The owner of the house gave before & # 39; Correo & # 39; that the driver of the Metropolitan bus fare was not responsible for what happened.

"The bus collapsed in that warehouse and bounced against mine and damaged all the merchandise I had there, but outside the physical and material damage, there was wounding and the Metropolitan only took the driver," he said.

The businessman also said that his house worked as a warehouse that imported office furniture and that after the accident he had lost a large part of his merchandise.

"I lost about $ 100,000, they sent fitters to take the car and did not care for the injured," he said.

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