Callao: delinquent broke into the football game and shot 4 young people

2 September 2018 05:00.

Four friends who fought for a match were shot by a shooter after they had stolen their mobile phones on a sports court in Callao.

Agents of the police station of Sarita Colonia del Callao They caught up shortly after Luiggi de la Rosa Fernández (20), who seized the weapon used for the attack. This was stolen from an effective PNP.

The events took place at one o'clock in the morning, when a group of boys played sports on the Parque Backus plate between Manuel Barrueto and Antenor Orrego patches in the 1st sector of the Sarita Colonia del Callao.

As the young people ran after the ball, a subject appeared on a bicycle. After quickly reaching the stands, he appropriated himself to athletes' mobile devices.

The reaction of the injured was immediately and they stopped playing behind the offender. They had never thought, however, that he was carrying a weapon with which he opened fire.

As a result of the attack Carlos Junior Chanamé Portocarrero (22), Edu Farromeque Salazar (21), Joao Díaz Prieto (22) and Carlos Racca Soto (23) were injured.

The first is the most serious because a projectile hit him in the head and the thigh. Diaz Prieto presents / displays a bullet in the thorax, being the state of concern.

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