Candidates reject Ricardo Belmont's speech against Venezuelans Trade politics

The speech of the mayoral candidate of Lima Ricardo Belmont (Peru Libertarian) against the migration of Venezuelan citizens has been rejected and described as "demagogic" by their opponents, including Renzo Reggiardo (Peru Patria Segura), Jorge Muñoz (Popular Action) and Jaime Salinas (Alliance for Progress).

Through his Twitter account, Reggiardo was of the opinion that encouraging xenophobia in the municipal campaign is & demagogy & # 39 ;.

The former congressman indicated that, in a possible administration of him, he will work to make Lima a harmonious city for Peruvians and for Venezuelans who have escaped from their country under the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro.

"I reject xenophobia in all its forms! Encouraging her in the campaign is demagogy." My promise is that Lima is harmonious and prosperous, so that Lima and our Venezuelan brothers who have fled the dictatorship have decent conditions to contribute to the progress of our city, "he wrote.

Jorge Muñoz, departing mayor of Miraflores, said the opposition from Ricardo Belmont The Venezuelan migration has "a political calculation".

"The millionaire that Mr. Belmont calculates only with his statements about the situation of Venezuelans in our country speaks in terms of the votes he intends to add, as he did in the past," twittered the Popular Action candidate. .

For its part, Lima's mayoral candidate for APP, Jaime Salinas, said it is "a shame" that Belmont deals with "the human drama of thousands of Venezuelans."

Salinas said that the expressions of the ex-mayor of the capital are "an ineffable sign of xenophobia".

"Solidarity is a principle, remember that more than three million Peruvians were forced to leave the country in search of better opportunities, to improve their quality of life, during the terrorist violence and hyperinflation that affected the country," he said.

Ricardo Belmont, who was mayor of Lima between 1981 and 1995, indicated via his Facebook account that a million Venezuelans would vote during the elections in October. De Reniec said, however, that only 26 foreigners will go to the ballot box in seven weeks. Of them there is only one Venezuelan.

In an interview with El Comercio, Ricardo Belmont confirmed that Peru is the "only country" in the region where "Venezuelans go massively".

"We are the only country because it does not happen in Chile or in Argentina, where Venezuelans fly in massively and cause enormous problems, which are in all networks. [sociales]where there are aggressions and assaults caused by this migration and which have not had any control and which they will only now control when they have already entered, "he emphasized.

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