Candidato as a counselor to Fuerza Tacna was convicted of rape

The political organization Fuerza Tacna, as an access candidate to the regional council, has the citizen Juan Flores Flores (65), who declares in his resume to have punished for violating sexual freedom.

Flores informed the National Elections Jury that he was convicted in June 1972 for violating sexual freedom by the Tacna Criminal Court. The punishment was effectively applied.

Fuerza Tacna is an organization founded by the former mayor of the province, Luis Torres Robledo, who wants to become regional governor today. Flores, who works as a guardian in the provincial municipality, is access number 3 for the Tacna City Council.

Law 30717 prohibits sentenced people from being candidates in municipal and regional elections for terrorism, corruption, drug trafficking and rape. The standard also includes those who have completed sentences. It was true that the nomination to the region of the former mayor of Tacna, Jacinto Gómez, was declared inadmissible by the Tacna Special Electoral Jury.

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