Cardinal Cipriani encourages democratic dialogue to prevent confrontation of power in Peru

The archbishop of Lima and the Peru Primate, Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani, encouraged the democratic dialogue to avoid the confrontation of the forces in the face of the political crisis in the country, amidst various corruption scandals.

From Rome, where he participates in the meetings of the Economic Council of the Holy See, the cardinal said on Tuesday, September 18: "The Church has always supported the necessity of a democratic dialogue that unites all Peruvians, not the confrontation of forces that do not lead to something good for the country. "

"The Peruvian people reject corruption wherever it comes from, as well as abortion and family attacks," he added.

The statements of Cardinal Cipriani come after Sunday, September 16, the president of Peru, Martín Vizcarra, has announced that he will submit a "confidence question" from Parliament to approve the four constitutional reform projects presented by the government in August.

Article 133 of the Political Constitution of Peru stipulates that "the President of the Council of Ministers may put a question of Confidence on behalf of Congress before Congress, if the trust is refused, or censored, or if it resigns or is removed by the Congress. President of the Republic, the total crisis of the Cabinet is taking place. & # 39;

Article 134 provides that if Parliament rejects or denies the vote of confidence to two cabinets of the same government, the President of the Republic has the right to dissolve the Congress.

Whereas in this presidential term, the first of which was guided by the resignation of Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, there was already a rejection of the question of trust; a second refusal could trigger the dissolution of the Congress ordered by Vizcarra.

That is why the spokespersons of the various groups have spoken to each other from Monday 17 to discuss what they will do on Wednesday.

If the Congress is dissolved, it will not be the first time. On April 5, 1992, the then president Alberto Fujimori, whose daughter Keiko now leads the party of the Fujimorean majority in parliament, although he is not a congressman, did.

Faced with this situation, Cardinal Cipriani emphasized that he offers his reflection "with the aim of acting with caution and serenity" to "unite" the country at the moment and so together seek the common interest through dialogue and respect for the rule of law ".

According to him, "respect for the people we support them in their multiple and legitimate interests, such as providing better public health care, providing security in the light of widespread delinquency, quality public education in accordance with the primary responsibility of the parents, provide justice with access for all and free of corruption, as well as actions to protect the population against natural disasters and climate change ".

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