Cardinal Pedro Barreto sees slowness in attending the referendum initiative politics

The cardinal Pedro Barreto In her view, there is slowness in the attention to the executive's proposal to reform the judicial and political system, for which a referendum is also being proposed.

"We are already outraged by the slowness with which it moves in relation to the referendum," said the high hierarch of the Catholic Church in statements to RPP.

"We must insist that people are heard once and for all (the referendum) is the only constitutional way in which people can manifest themselves," he added.

Monseigneur Barreto also expressed his dismay at the recent accusations that bring to light a supposed network of corruption with officials from the Legal Department, the Public Prosecution Service and the National Council of Magistracy (CNM).

"If they take advantage of the position to hide the corruption and the moral corruption that exists, and some say," I have not committed any crime, everything is an ethical mistake, "they condemn themselves by saying that," he said.

The cardinal gave these statements after leading the pilgrimage to the Virgin of Cocharcas in the city of Huancayo, in the Junín region.

The Executive proposes to submit a legislative initiative for the reform of the CNM, the non-re-election of congressmen, the bicameral legislature of the legislature and the private financing of parties at a referendum.

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