Carlos Bruce: it is not the intention of Pedro Chávarry to be "impartial" politics

The congressman Carlos Bruce (Peruvians for the Kambio) regretted that in a video broadcast tonight, the Prosecutor of the Nation, Pedro Chávarry , has been shown as "opponent of the government".

He noted that this shows that the Head of the Public Prosecutor's Office does not intend to be "impartial".

He wondered in this sense whether this action is someone's political persecution & # 39; and that in international courts the reason for this is given.

"It is very clear that there is a political intention behind this man and that it is not the intention to be impartial," he said in conversation with Canal N.

"If he accuses an official of this government tomorrow, this official may claim that this is political persecution and he will go to the I / A HR Court and he will probably win for these statements issued today by the Public Prosecutor, " he pointed.

Bruce He stressed that the Nation's prosecutor must "be impartial" because he can not choose a party for a particular political position.

The former minister of housing criticized that despite the fact that he was accused by his own institution "the prosecutor of the nation clings to the position in an incredible way".

He thought so Chávarry He does not leave the Public Prosecution because he is ultimately accused.

"The responsible people, the really decent people, before an interrogation has to step aside so that all examinations are done without any intervention and that way he can clean up his name." If he does not, many of us will suspect he will not, because he knows that if he does, he will eventually be accused, "he said.

The parliamentarian said he believes that Pedro Chávarry must understand what "political responsibility" is and gave as an example the case of the former president of the judiciary, Duberlí Rodríguez.

"There is something that Pedro Chávarry You have to understand what political responsibility is called, "he emphasized.

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