CCL: Powers of the state must maintain the dialogue to achieve consensus economy

the Chamber of Commerce of Lima (CCL) He pointed out today that the authorities of the executive, legislative and judicial departments must maintain the levels of dialogue and mutual respect, recognizing that the only way to find concrete solutions to overcome the political crisis is consensus and cooperation between all is.

"This is a phase that should not be continued, not only because of the respect that citizens deserve from their leaders, but also because of the negative socio-economic impact that ultimately affects the well-being of the population," he said in the trade association.

Last night, the president Martín Vizcarra puts the Congress under control by it question of trust approve the accounts presented by the executive for judicial and political reforms.

In a statement, the CCL was of the opinion that the reforms so necessary for the legal system of the country should also be considered for the executive and legislative branches, "in the interest of having a really efficient and effective state in fulfilling his obligations. "

For the industry association, the three years of President Vizcarra's government are a valuable period to begin the second-generation reforms that the country requires, especially in the fields of health, education, security, innovation, science and technology.

He also noted that the announcement of the development of a national competition plan as a government policy is a first step towards implementing these reforms, which demonstrates the government's decision to regain the base for the country to secure a high and sustained economic growth. the next few years.

"The enormous and urgent needs of Peru, especially those of vulnerable populations and in a situation of poverty, must lead from reflection to action to our highest authorities and political leaders," said the CCL.

In that sense he said that "it is the moment of dialogue, without which Peru will not be able to move forward".

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