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Thanks to the work of the three fire brigades, it was possible to keep the fire under control that had occurred in a known one Jiron of the Union , near the Plaza Mayor in Lima, a few meters from the headquarters of the Lima Municipality .

The rapid response from the poultry and dinners staff who evacuated the building in time motivated that only material damage was recorded.

The origin of the fire is unknown, but it is speculated that it was caused by the accumulation of fat in the caps and chimneys of the device.


This afternoon there was a fire in block 3 of the Jiron de la Unión, Cercado de Lima. The accident would have been caused by a well-known poultry shop in the city.

Three units of the Volunteer Fire General Corps (an ambulance and two fire engines) came on site to control the situation.

Diners and restaurant staff were evacuated on time and only material damage was reported.

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