Cercado de Lima: pharmaceutical products from Bamba seized in the commercial lime gallery

This afternoon the National Police of Peru (PNP) carried out an operation in the Unicachi Shopping Center, located in Cercado de Lima, where a large amount of counterfeit drugs was found in different positions.

It was the division of the investigation into crimes against the state of the PNP that was responsible for the operation, with a view to the alleged committing of the crime against public health in the storage and commercialization of pharmaceutical products.

According to the agents, about two and a half tons of products were seized, including antibiotics, injectables, syrups, pills, medical samples from EsSalud and the Ministry of Health (Minsa).

"We have intervened about eleven stands illegally and informally selling a range of drugs that are falsified with expiration dates and medical samples whose sale is forbidden," Colonel Montoya told Canal N.

The operation was carried out with the cooperation of specialized personnel from State security, the Prosecution, agents of the Diroes, the management of Integrated Health Networks Lima Centro and the management of control and control of the municipality of Lima.


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