Cercado de Lima: the intense and dangerous prosecution of a mobile phone thief VIDEO | chalk

A mobile phone and a portal thief were caught by the National police and Serenazgo de Lima, after intense persecution in the Cercado de Lima event that was captured by the security cameras.

The exreo Jesús Huasasquiche Lopez, known as el & # 39; Black wasap & # 39 ;, lived in Callao and was dedicated to stealing mobile phones, wallets and all kinds of auto parts in the Cercado de Lima.

The area of ​​operations was block 5 of Avenida Nicolás Dueñas during busy hours. The security camera's of the municipality of Lima left it exposed, according to "América Noticias".

As you can see in the video, after the wallet was seized by a woman who was in a taxi, Jesús Huasasquiche start running The serene and effective Raid of the Dirincri sue him quickly.

The delinquent, however, manages to avoid them and gets on a motorcycle taxi in the Las Chiros, where his accomplice was waiting for him. Then they escape the traffic, but the unit is intercepted on Enrique Meiggs Avenue.

The driver escaped, although the "black wash" one, previously held in the criminal Sarita Colonia, did not suffer the same fate. In his possession several stolen objects were found.


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