Cercado: young men are shot dead for their girlfriend society

A tragic incident occurred on the night of this Saturday in Cercado. A 25-year-old boy was shot dead for his girlfriend, who was unharmed. settlement .

The victim was identified as Jerry Manuel Fern√°ndez Navarro, who walked at the fifth block of Avenue Francisco de la Romana, urbanization Palomino, with his girlfriend.

YOU CAN SEE Piura: criminals abusive rap and murdered young man with different skills

According to the neighbors, in a matter of seconds, both were cornered by a few subjects that were in a black motorcycle .

One of the murderers stepped out of the vehicle and without saying a word the young shot . Three bullet wounds, one in the head and two in the back, put an end to the victim's life.

The police believe that the murder would obey bills. Meanwhile, he is still waiting for the in love who witnessed the entire attack, to make his statement to clarify this issue.

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