Cerro Azul Xohana Guerra's grandmother confirms that the body found in the pit is that of her granddaughter

Alejandrina Echejaya, grandmother of Xohana Guerra the youngest of 2 years disappeared last Thursday in the Plaza de Armas of Cerro Azul confirmed RPP that the corpse of a girl who was restored on Saturday by members of the Salvage unit of the National Police who belongs to her granddaughter. The body of the child fell into a water pump room which supplies the lake of the Plaza de Armas with the spa located in the province Cañete south of Lima. 19659002] After three hours of intensive work, the corpse was taken to the police station and later to the town's morals, so that the parents of Xohana Guerra could identify him in case it was his daughter. Equipped with oxygen tanks and other safety devices that helped them enter the three-meter deep enclosure, four police rescuers managed to take out the lifeless body of the minor.

At the Cerro Azul police station, the public prosecutor was awaited. and his assistants, as well as the experts of Criminalistics to perform the first actions that lead to determining the identity of the girl.

The first signs

After the rescue of the body, the general Gastón Rodríguez head of the police region of Lima, announced that the identification will be in charge of the Public Prosecution Service and specialized staff . In that sense avoided confirming that it is the girl Xoana Guerra .

"Everything suggests that it is the girl, because of the dress, the size and the rest of the situations we will see They have to finish the police work, we have to take it to the morgue, we have to do all the research of the law and then we will fully identify ourselves, "he said.

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